I am so grateful to Bhavasar Kshatriya Education Trust for helping me with my educational needs from B.Tech to my post graduation. I admire the work undertaken by BKET providing educational aid to children which I can say is one of the most important things in India.

BKET helped a lot of people like me and gave supportive encouragement to all of us. I am very much thank full to all the members of BKET and wish the efforts of BKET will continue to other generations in contributing towards children's education and also for other services. I would love to see more children taking advantage of BKET and also wish more and more philanthropists fund BKET in helping more children.

Vinay Kumar Mahendrakar
Assistant Professor, Malla Reddy Engineering College & Management Sciences, Kurnool

Bhavasar Kshatriya Education Trust not only touches lives but it changes too, like it changed mine. I am very happy to be one of the first privileged beneficiaries of BKET in 2009. Smt.Rukmani & Shri Rama Mohan Rao Hebbare encouraged and supported me for which I cannot thank them enough. Today, after completing my M.Tech, I have started my own consultancy providing trained technical manpower to various institutes in Kurnool.

In my years of seeing BKET in action, I have admired the Trustees & Volunteers for their selfless contribution to bring smile on the faces of destitute children by helping them in their education. This inspired me to be associated with BKET and the very thought of being associated with BKET is absolutely thrilling. I thank BKET once again and wish them the very best in all their social causes.

Sai Eswar Rao Mahendrakar

Shri Rama Mohan Rao Hebbare, is a self-motivated, creative & a charismatic personality and possess excellent organizational skills. Since childhood he had concern for the poor, illiterate children, women literacy which motivated him to take initiatives to support children's education and help poor and needy. He has undertaken lots of welfare measures during past three decades, like monthly pension for poor & old, scholarships for children's education, medical camps, flood relief support providing food, money & temporary shelter, etc. Shri Rama Mohan Rao has done exemplary work and is a role model not only to Bhavsar Kshatriya community but also to the entire society.

Late Dr. Srilakshmi Nadimpalli
Registrar (Retd.), ni-msme
Ex-Registrar, DRNGMI
Ex-Prof & Centre Head, CMBS

  • Our hearty congratulations to Shri Rama Mohan Rao Hebbare for receiving Samaj Bhushan Award from All India Bhavsar Kshatriya Mahasabha for his selfless service towards the development of the community.

    Bhavasar Kshatriya Mandali, Kurnool
    Bhavasar Kshatriya Mandali, Kurnool (1998-2010)
    BKET Team, Kurnool

  • Charismatic, self motivated & creative, Shri Rama Mohan Rao Hebbare possess excellent organisational skills. He is a role model not only to Bhavasar Kshatriya Samaj but also to the entire society.

    Dr.N.Srilakshmi, Registrar (Retd.), ni-msme

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